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Brain Booster: Interactive Cat & Dog Toy Car with Hidden Treats & Balance Challenge

Brain Booster: Interactive Cat & Dog Toy Car with Hidden Treats & Balance Challenge

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Brain Booster: Unleash the Hunt, Ignite the Mind (Interactive Treat Toy for Curious Pets)

Meet the Brain Booster, a revolutionary treat toy that's more than just playtime – it's an IQ challenge for your furry Einstein!

This isn't your average toy car:

  • Self-Balancing Act: No batteries needed! Watch it wobble and roll on its own, enticing your pet to chase and nudge the fun.
  • Hidden Treasure Hunt: Tuck treats inside, and let your pet sniff, paw, and problem-solve their way to a delicious reward. It's like a mini mental gym, sharpening their doggy detective skills!
  • Slow & Steady Wins the Race: Ditch the gulping! This toy encourages mindful munching, promoting healthy digestion and preventing messy chomping sprees.
  • Boredom Buster Extraordinaire: Say goodbye to chewed furniture and lonely howls! The Brain Booster keeps your pet engaged and entertained, reducing destructive behaviors and turning playtime into a mental adventure.
  • Easy on Paws & Cleanup: Made with durable ABS, it's built to last. Plus, cleaning is a breeze – just a quick rinse with soapy water, and you're good to go!

Available in four vibrant colors (black, lake blue, yellow, and green), the Brain Booster is perfect for small and medium dogs, and even your inquisitive feline friend!

But wait, there's more!

  • Multi-Toy Magic: It's a car, a puzzle, a treat dispenser, and a brain teaser all rolled into one!
  • Treat-Sized Tip: Use small treats (around 1-1.2cm) for smooth dispensing.


  • This is not a chew toy for aggressive pups.
  • Supervise your pet during playtime.

Ready to unleash your pet's inner genius? Click "Add to Cart" now and watch the brains and wags fly!

Product information:
Product category: gnawing toys
Material: ABS
Weight: 300g
Color: black, lake blue, yellow, green
Size: 13.8 * 8 * 11cm

Packing list:
Food leaker*1
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